U.S. District Judge Courageously Challenges the Fate of Michael Flynn


As a small boy wishing to burn off summer vacation energy, a popular theater in my little Arkansas hometown that stands today only in memory served to aid my desire. Some of the movies shown there were known as “chapter pictures” compelling weekly attendance to keep track of the details woven into the fabric of their intriguing stories.  Moreover, keeping track of Michael Flynn’s story has kept me perched on the edge of my seat just as those old “chapter pictures” did long ago. Flynn’s case and the “chapter pictures” have things in common. Each episode prompts within viewers an inclination to learn more as the stories unravel and inspire hope for an end that celebrates justice. Seated in the theater, but waiting restlessly for the curtain to open back then, I yearned for the “good” characters to enjoy the fruits of fairness and the “bad” characters to suffer Shakespearean consequences for committing dishonorable deeds.


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