‘Trump is the Biggest Threat to Our Democracy Since Civil War’

  • ‘Trump is the Biggest Threat to Our Democracy Since Civil War’
    ‘Trump is the Biggest Threat to Our Democracy Since Civil War’

The shocking revelations from the last few days that Trump disparaged the military and intentionally downplayed the threat of the coronavirus have confirmed what I have believed since this President assumed office. Donald Trump is a deplorable, morally repugnant, morally bankrupt, con man devoid of any character who has proven himself to be the greatest threat to our democracy since the Civil War. Never before has this country been led by a Commander in Chief, or any elected official, who has exhibited such disdain for public service, disparaged our military, undermined our freedoms, incited violence against his political opponents, and is so rotten to the core that he would demean war heroes who sacrificed their lives in defense of our country. This President tear gassed peaceful protestors.

This President deployed unidentified federal troops to cities run by Democratic leaders to squash free speech. This President called our fallen heroes losers and suckers – a smear he continued to levy against Senator John McCain long after his death.

This President isolated the United States from our Western allies while cozying up to dictators such as Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin. And just like the dictators and autocrats he admires around the world, he welcomes foreign interference in U.S. elections, held hostage military aid to Ukraine in exchange for damaging information on his political opponent, and is now trying to dismantle and gut the United States Postal Service so that he can sabotage vote by mail.



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