Over 300 Fed At Local Family's Good Friday Dinner Give-Away


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, on any given day all over the city, one can witness acts of kindness and compassion being shown to help others struggling with the impact the uncertainty has caused. And members of the Ragan family who attend Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church in Kansas City, Mo.where the Rev. Sheldon “Tony” Gray is pastor, got together with other family members and friends to host a Good Friday Fish Dinner Give-Away. Over 300 people lined up, standing six feet apart outside a fenced lot adjacent to the Freeway Grocery Store at 67th and Cleveland last Friday, April 10 from 2 p.m.-6 p.m., and one-by-one, they filed inside the fenced area and were given a hot fish dinner and frozen turkey as they exited the lot on the other side. Some bicycles were also given away as well as gift certificates and personal care items. The family expresses its thanks to all those individuals and donors who helped make the event a success.

  • Good Friday Give-Away
    Good Friday Give-Away