Lawsuit Seeks Class Action Discrimination against Wells Fargo Bank for Refusing to Accept for Deposit Black Real Estate Developer’s $3Million Check

  • Ernst Valery
    Ernst Valery

Ernst Valery, a black Baltimore real estate developer who for more than 20 years has banked at the same facility, is seeking a class action lawsuit against Wells Fargo after he was denied opportunity to deposit a $3 million check into his account. Attorneys from the Beck & Lee Law Firm representing him say it’s the latest of several humiliations by banks directed at individuals for “Banking While Black.”

The lawsuit was filed on Monday, Dec. 14, in the United States District Court, Northern District of California. Wells Fargo in a “Summons in a Civil Action” has 21 days after being served to respond with an answer or a motion that must be served on Valery or his attorney and filed with the court or risk by failure to respond judgment by default against the bank.


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